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Public Attributes

_IEEEtypes_FrameCtl_t Struct Reference

#include <uapevent.h>

List of all members.

Public Attributes

u8 FromDs:1
u8 MoreData:1
u8 MoreFrag:1
u8 Order:1
u8 ProtocolVersion:2
u8 PwrMgmt:1
u8 Retry:1
u8 Subtype:4
u8 ToDs:1
u8 Type:2
u8 Wep:1

Detailed Description

IEEE 802.11 MAC Message Data Structures

Each IEEE 802.11 MAC message includes a MAC header, a frame body (which can be empty), and a frame check sequence field. This section gives the structures that used for the MAC message headers and frame bodies that can exist in the three types of MAC messages - 1) Control messages, 2) Data messages, and 3) Management messages.

Definition at line 254 of file uapevent.h.

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